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Blackout Diamonds and Hip-Hop Jewelry

Blackout diamonds have found a place in the hip hop jewelry market, but the origin goes back a long way. Black diamonds were once worn by nobility.
Diamonds have been around for billions of years, adorning men and women of both the royal lineage and the common blood. Truly diamonds are forever. Flawless diamonds are the only ones worth using in the jewelry industry; while the ones with flaws and inclusions are of great use in other industries. This ultimate piece of jewelry is not only a girl’s best friend, but has caught the fancy of many stylish gentlemen – particularly the blackout diamonds.

What are Blackout Diamonds?
Natural blackout diamonds or black diamonds are extremely rare and yet this type of gemstone costs much less than the white or colored diamonds. The actual truth behind this mystery is that the black diamonds available in the market are all treated diamonds. The blackout diamonds possess a mystical quality that strongly appeals to men, who wear them symbolically and do not look for any diamond luster in the jewelry. These stones have too many inclusions which are dark in color, and so the name black diamonds.

Blackout Diamond Symbolism
Strong energies are associated with diamonds and these are passion, action, energy, clarity, abundance, inner strength, and balance. This hardest substance on earth, billions of years old passes its inner qualities to the wearer, or so it is believed. The wearer of the black diamond is believed to be in authority and power, such is the gemstone’s symbolic aura.

Fashion and Blackout Diamonds
Fawaz Gruosi is a Swedish jeweler who first introduced black diamond jewelry to the world in designs that could not be resisted. Ever since then these diamonds have become increasingly popular with jewelry owners and wearers. It all started in 1996 with Gruosi’s collection of jewelry set with black diamonds that took the world by storm.

Celebrities of all stature find this gemstone very ‘cool’ and flaunt their jewelry studded with black diamonds at every available chance. This has given a great boost to this kind of jewelry set with these particular gemstones and has reached popularity peak in fashion. The market is flooded with black diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, and eternity rings, and hip hop jewelry. Black diamond rings are very popular with hip-hop and rap artists; which in turn made this type of jewelry doubly appealing to men.

Cause for Blackout Diamond Popularity
Even though diamonds have been around for years and years, these precious stones were worn only by kings and other royalty and noblemen. The common man mined the stone, polished and cut them to fine gemstones but never became rich enough to own one. However, the films, movies, media, celebrities and their stylish fads and fancies appealed to the common man. The flashy diamonds worn by their favorite stars aroused dreams never dreamed before, awakened desires never imagined and soon everyone wanted to possess at least one of those sparkling stones. The jewelry industry was quick to pick up the trend and presented designs and collections set with diamonds of all hues and colors.

Such is the history of the popularity and success of the blackout diamond jewelry. The youth of today and most men who indulge in classy style follow the trends set forth by the ‘cool’ hip-hop artists who found a statement in the black diamond rings. The popularity and demand ensures the gemstone’s life for years to come.



Low Quality Junk Jewelry and Its Adverse Effects

Junk jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry, costume jewelry and fake jewelry, is defined as an imitation of certain high quality, fashionable jewelry pieces. Imitations most often compromise on materials to mass produce pieces at the cheapest price possible. Often, the allure of wearing the latest styles and hippest fashions for cheap keeps people from realizing that they could be harming themselves by wearing low-quality bling. There is actually quite a risk to wearing lower quality products, including skin allergies, skin rashes, skin discolorations and sometimes argyria.

Chemical Reactions

Junk jewelry is usually made of glass, plastic, or synthetic stones set in silver, nickel, brass, copper, pewter or sterling silver. Skin in contact with these lower quality materials can easily begin to show discoloration or discomfort.

Another reason for the blackening or greening of your skin is due to corrosion of the metal from sweat. Sweat contains salt and other minerals, which act as corrosive agents on sterling silver or other metals on your skin. Silver gets tarnished very easily when in contact with sulfur compounds found on skin. Tarnished silver turns black, and this in turn discolors your skin and darkens it.

If you are on certain antibiotics, or work with photo processing chemicals or use a particular type of soap, detergent or wax that leaves residue on your skin, you may begin to notice discolorations and rashes where you wear your bling. These allergies occur because of a natural reaction to the metals in your junk jewelry. No wonder it is always advisable to wear quality jewelry!

You may be surprised to know that sterling silver (which contains only .925 % silver) can also cause argyria – gray-black staining of the skin due to silver salts. Prolonged use of such alloyed jewelry deposits silver salts on your skin and discolors it for good, as there is no cure for argyria yet.

Steps to Avoid Skin Problems

The most important step to ensuring that you don’t have skin problems when you wear your bling is to only wear high-quality jewelry sold by a reputable dealer. Even if you wear authentic and genuine jewelry, it is wise to take it off when washing, bathing or doing strenuous work. The jewelry should also be regularly polished and cleaned to keep its sparkle intact and lengthen its longevity.

Seek Out Quality Hip-Hop and Bling Jewelry

Though hip-hop trends have changed throughout the years, with gold, silver, platinum, wood, blackout jewelry, and other styles all having their heyday, the one thing that has not changed is the respect that comes with being able to outfit yourself with genuine bling instead of junk jewelry. High-quality hip-hop jewelry is an investment that real players are willing to make, while only scrubs think they can play wearing junk jewelry.